September 2006 Update

September 1, 2006

Youth Mountain Retreat

Lunch time at the mountain lodgeFor all of you who prayed over our youth retreat, we want to say thank you! It was a wonderful retreat. We had hoped for 20 students, but deep-down we hadn’t really expected 20 students to come, so when 22 young people showed up, we were ecstatic!

The theme of the weekend was “Hearing God” and it was perfect. The kids came with willing hearts, eager to learn about how to deepen their prayer lives and relationship with God. Also, we had been a little concerned about weather—11,000 feet during the rainy season can produce some pretty strong storms and temperatures below freezing. But God was faithful. The weather was unbelievably beautiful. During the afternoons, we didn’t even need jackets!

Our missionary friend Rodney Peterson opened the retreat with an exhortation to the students to seize this weekend to truly grow closer to God, and to listen to Him. The next morning, Luke taught a lesson on the ways that God speaks to us and the stuff in our lives that might be impeding our ability to hear Him. Rob closed with a lesson on everyday practices that we can use to listen and pray to God.

Between lessons and meal times, we were delighted with the students’ desire to seek us out and talk frankly about the good and bad of their relationships with God. It was evident throughout the weekend that the Holy Spirit was present and working as Counselor.

When the retreat was finished, we sat back amazed at how well everything had gone. Since our arrival in Mexico, we have done several retreats a year, and although they are usually very good, there are always some substantial challenges that arise. This retreat was different. From the lessons, to the weather, to the attitude and response from the kids, it was a truly moving experience.

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