October 2006 Update

October 2, 2006

Discipleship Sermon Series

Luke preachingSince our move to Mexico City almost five years ago, we have been very close with a church called Coyoacán Christian Church. Since the beginning, Ray Gaytan, the pastor of the church, his family, and the congregation have been like family to us. As our five-year term draws to a close, we wanted to offer something back to this church as a way of encouraging them in the Faith and to say thank you for their years of partnership, friendship and kindness.

Rob asked the pastor if he and Luke could do a six-week sermon/Bible study series on being a disciple of Jesus. The topics of study have included being an apprentice of Christ, practicing spiritual disciplines, and worshipping God. In addition to the sermon series, the Maupins have been hosting a weekly coffee on Saturday nights to encourage extended conversation about being a disciple of Jesus. So far, the congregation has responded very warmly to the sermon series. Please pray for the remaining weeks of this congregational Bible study. Pray that God would open hearts and minds and that many would desire to be true disciples.

Día de la Independencia

xochimilco boatsMexico celebrates her independence from Spain every year on September 16th. This year, like other years in the past, we celebrated with church friends in Xochimilco, an area of the city that is laced with water canals. The canals have existed for centuries, and now serve as place where many Mexicans celebrate holidays while floating on brightly-colored flat-bottomed boats.

We arrived at the canals at dusk, and together with about 15 of our church friends, boarded our boat (named “Isabel Maria”). The evening was perfect: clear, cool, quiet. We sang traditional Mexican songs, made toasts (¡salúd!), ate together, and enjoyed fireworks.

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