December Update

December 9, 2006

Supporting the Greers in Their Continued Missionary Service

greers_dec_2006Beginning in January, financial support for the Greers will be handled by their new missions agency, Global Ministries Fellowship.

Changing to a sending agency like GMF will offer more flexibility for recruiting future teammates, and GMF will also perform financial and support-gathering services. It is important to note that Paramount Terrace Christian Church (as well as other supporting congregations) will continue to support the Greers both financially and prayerfully as they begin the new church plant in Mexico City.

How to Give to Mission Mexico City beginning in 2007:

  1. Make your check out to “Global Ministries Fellowship” (GMF is our missions agency.)
  2. In the Memo/Note field on the check write “Mission Mexico City”
  3. Include a separate note indicating the family that you wish your support to go to. Example: “Greers”
  4. Mail your check to our missions agency:
    Mission Mexico City
    c/o Global Ministries Fellowship
    P.O. Box 1150
    Cordova, TN 38088

A tax-deductible receipt will be sent to the address on the check.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate ask! Email

A Final Letter from Rob

As I write this I am in my last week in Mexico. By the time you get this in the mail I should be back in the States. As we are wrapping up the final details of the move we are so thankful for the many people who have helped us with our financial issues while we’ve been here. During one border crossing a Stateside official (who really believed he’d nabbed me for smuggling drugs) interrogated me as dogs and agents turned the Suburban inside out. Disbelief dripping from his voice he asked, “You mean people just give you money so you can live in Mexico? I wish someone would just give me money to live in some other place.” I smiled and explained that the people who have helped us really have believed in the work God called us to. It was my privilege to brag on ya’ll.

I also want to give my best thanks to our friends and family for praying for us. I recently spoke with a young missionary couple who told me that they feel like they are constantly moving from one spiritual battle to another. That’s a good way to describe life here. Don’t misunderstand me, our life here has been wonderful and blessed but it has not been easy–we are far more spiritually mature than when we arrived. It was your prayers that enabled us to stand firm and resist his attacks.

My work here ends with joy. Thank you for your love made manifest, thank you for your sacrifice and for your graciousness. You are a blessing.

Thank you for remembering those kinds of small details which mean so much to us. I close these thoughts and our work with these words, “One plants, another waters but God gives the growth.” Praise to our King, thanks be to Him! And thanks to you too. —Rob

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