New Year Update

January 22, 2007

New Beginnings

famby Luke
We are truly blessed. Five years of missionary service in Mexico City has been an incredible learning and ministry experience, and we are eagerly looking forward to the next five years.

Here’s a recap of some of the things that, by the grace and leading of God, we were able to accomplish thus far during our time in Mexico City:

  • Developing, writing, and publishing three Spanish-language youth discipleship teaching series. The books have been used by more than a dozen churches and youth groups in Mexico, Chile, and even the U.S.
  • Preaching, teaching, and leading music annually at the Mexican National Christian youth conference.
  • Preaching and teaching in area churches.
  • Initiating and fostering a youth discipleship program.
  • Lots and lots of learning: Spanish, culture, and navigating a mega city.

The future of Mission Mexico City holds great promise. Over the course of our five years in Mexico City, we developed a strong desire to see the indigenous church grow in number, in devotion, in leadership, and in autonomy. For these reasons, and more importantly because we sense God’s blessing and leading, we have determined to continue as missionaries in Mexico City. We plan to plant a new church in Mexico City beginning in 2008.

Please pray over these plans for a future church plant in Mexico City.

The year 2007 will provide us with time to prepare for the launch of this new mission. We will be praying for and recruiting new teammates and I will be attending Wheaton College Graduate School to continue studies in missions and church planting.

A Word About Wheaton

ltwheatWheaton College is located in Wheaton, Illinois, just West of Chicago. The college has a rich heritage of missions training with graduates like Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, and Billy Graham. Needless to say, we are extremely excited about the opportunity for Luke to attend the graduate school of Intercultural Studies.

Luke’s studies begin in January of 2007, and we plan to be in the Wheaton area for the remainder of the year, soaking up as much as we can before returning to Mexico City in 2008.

Please pray for our furlough. Ask God to bless our studies as we prepare for the next ministry stage in Mexico City.

God has been so faithful in opening this door for us and has granted us a generous scholarship through the Billy Graham Center, located on Wheaton’s campus. It is important to note, however, that while most of the school costs are covered by the scholarship, our family is still dependent on the donations from people like you for our living costs. Thank you for supporting us during this time!

Teammates: Past and Future

We have had many ask us about how the Maupins and Jeffersons are doing. For any who may not know, the Maupins are now living in Lincoln, IL where Rob has accepted a teaching position at Lincoln Christian College. The Jeffersons are now living in Houston, TX where Sheldon is working as a middle school youth minister at Northside Christian Church.

Both families are doing very well and are excited about the new ministries and places that God has led them. Also, they are excited about and supporting our continued work in Mexico City.

Please pray for the Maupins and Jeffersons as they transition into their new ministries and into life in the U.S. Also ask God to provide the perfect teammates for the us and for the future church plant.

After living firsthand with the great benefits of having teammates in an intercultural ministry context, we definitely want to return to Mexico City with teammates. We have approached several couples with the idea, and they are currently praying.

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