Spring 2007 Update

April 9, 2007

Missions’ Urban Frontier

santafe_skylineBy Luke

Experts have been telling us for years that the world is becoming more and more urban. As of a few weeks ago, for the first time in human history, more than half of the earth’s population now lives in cities. What does this mean for the Church and for missions?

In the U.S., the last 20 years has seen the population become more urban while churches have become more suburban. So, in effect, as people move into the city, churches move out. Also, as the rest of the world’s population moves to cities, many of our missions agencies remain focused on “frontier,” tribal, and rural missions. There is surely a place for tribal work in the church’s strategy for global missions, but shouldn’t the world’s changing demographics be reflected in our attempts to evangelize?

It’s time to reassess our idea of “frontier missions.” The dictionary defines frontier as “the extreme limit of understanding or achievement in a particular area.” Given this definition, the new frontier of missions is certainly no longer limited to remote people groups. Missions in the 21st century has an urban frontier.

Here’s some food for thought: Mexico City, Mumbai, and Tokyo are the three largest cities in the world. Each has tens of millions of people, each is projected to grow by millions more, and each is less than 5% evangelical Christian. This means, in these three cities alone, there are 67 million people who do not know Christ.

It’s time for Christian missions to fully engage the city.

Here’s the good news: If you’re reading this newsletter, you’re already involved in urban missions. If you pray for and support this ministry, you’re on the cutting edge– you’re on the urban frontier of missions. Lindsay and I are excited to continue in Mexico City, and we are hopeful and eager to see how Christians around the globe confront the realities and challenges of the ever-growing city. There really is only one answer: as the world becomes more urban, so must the Church.

Please pray that Christ would be known in Mexico City and the world’s other megacities.

Sources: World Magazine, March 24 2007; The CIA World Factbook; CityMayors.com

Meet Saúl

saulSome of you already met Saúl while he was with Luke at church camp in New Mexico last summer. For those of you who haven’t, Saúl Flores is a passionate young man, eager to serve the Lord with his life. Right now, he is attending Dallas Christian College, preparing to return to Mexico City with us to plant the new church.

Please pray for Saúl’s studies at DCC, especially for his English skills as he studies in a language not his own.

We first got to know Saúl almost two years ago after he approached our team looking to be an intern. Rob took him on and he faithfully served with us for a year, helping with the La Vida Profunda curriculum and small group ministry. During that time we became close friends with Saúl and began praying together about him joining with us for the future Mexico City church plant.

After interviewing several veteran church planters in Mexico, we learned that one of the most important, and most difficult, steps in a new church is finding a local person to help bear the burden of a new congregation and to help ensure a transition to indigenous leadership. We are very blessed to have Saúl, a Mexican national, who is already on board with the same dream of seeing a growing indigenous church in Mexico City.

Please pray over our relationship with Saúl. Pray that we would have clear communication and deep friendship with him as we serve together.

Continued Prayer for Teammates

We wish that we could report that we now have some American teammates on board, but so far we have yet to receive any full-time commitments. Nevertheless, we are still praying! We still have a couple of families “on the radar” that we can talk to about joining our team, and we are actively praying over them.

Please pray daily for our future teammates. We’re not yet sure who they are, but God knows!

We would like to ask you to lift this up in prayer for us too. Please consider committing to praying for just one minute everyday especially for our future teammates. Like-minded and like-missioned teammates are critical to the health and success of the upcoming church plant in Mexico City.

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