Summer Update

June 28, 2007

El Porvenir Christian Camp

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El Porvenir Christian Camp is special place to me for many reasons. It the church camp that I grew up going to. I don’t remember, but I’m told that I was two-years-old the first summer that I spent up there. El Porvenir is also the place that I was baptized.

But this camp, nestled in the mountains of New Mexico, has developed another special meaning to me in recent years. I have spent the past seven summers at the high school week of camp.

For seven summers, the high school camp has offered itself to the team of Mission Mexico City. Each year we attend the camp as the week’s missionaries. We teach, we learn, we bless, and we are blessed. This summer was no exception.

The camp always has great leadership, great programming, and a great attitude of growing closer to God together.

This year, Saúl and I attended the camp together. Saúl was representing Dallas Christian College, and I represented Mission Mexico City. Each morning began with a brief mission message and reflection which was followed by prayer time for the students.

Also, each day I taught a class on the Holy Spirit and being led by God. The students were excellent, and brought a lot of great thinking to the table.

Every year, Friday night is my favorite time at camp. It’s celebration night. The students are always super excited, and each year they bless Mission Mexico City with an offering.

Thank you to Johnathan Mast, James Sharp, Ben Headley, Brad Ingram, J.R. Cano, Jeremy Bannister, and the many other youth leaders and sponsors. Thanks also to the 170 students who help to make El Porvenir such an incredible place!

Please pray that our great relationship with this camp would continue over the years. And join us in praising God for another great year!

Teammates: Continued Prayer

We know that we’ve mentioned our future teammates in every newsletter this year, but that’s because it is an issue that is very important to us! As you read this newsletter, we are praying over six different couples and families to join us in the church plant next year.

Please pray that God would provide us with the very best teammates for our family and for the church plant!

Mexico City Current Events: Abortion and Prostitution

If you have a habit of reading Latin American news, then you certainly know of Mexico City’s recent legalization of abortion, overturning the city’s long conservative history toward the practice, and defying Roman Catholic authorities.

Please pray for the women who might now be considering an abortion. Pray that Christians in Mexico City would show them God’s love and grace.

Now, Mexico City legislators are pushing a new bill that proposes to legalize prostitution. The rationale is that “sex workers” can have better rights under a legitimate system than they currently have. (It is estimated that there are more than 50,000 sex workers in the city, many of them children.)

While the bill’s proposal may be well-intended, similar strategies have failed in other countries, like Sweden, who re-criminalized prostitution after discovering that it was tightly linked to other crimes like the illegal drug trade and human trafficking.

Please pray that wisdom would prevail in Mexico City’s government. Pray also for the women and children who are victimized by the city’s sex trade.

Saúl’s Summer

In our last newsletter, we introduced you to Saúl Flores, a young Mexican man who will be working with us in the new church plant in Mexico City.

This summer, Saúl will be traveling with a Dallas Christian College group, visiting camps and conferences around the country. Also, he will be traveling back to Mexico to visit his family for a couple of weeks. In addition to travel, Saúl is working on campus and as an intern at a local church.

Please pray for Saúl’s studies at DCC, for his summer travel and working plans, and that he would be prepared by God for service in Mexico City.

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