Fall Update

October 1, 2007

The Metro


By Luke

A kid wearing a Yankees cap bumps into me as he enters the train, just before the doors slide shut. I gently squeeze past a woman on crutches, rattling a cup with a few coins, and then beyond a man in a business suit who is barking orders over his mobile phone. Finally, just as we pull away from the platform, I’m able to stake my claim of precious subway square footage, steadying myself by grabbing the bar overhead. I can hear U2 blasting from the white earbuds of the teenager in front of me, and I can smell the earth and sweat on the barefoot farmer beside me.

This is Mexico City’s Metro, an extensive rail system that is part of the city’s sprawling and choking public transit works. Originally conceived and built for the 1968 Olympics, Mexico City’s Metro now carries more than four million people every day. Riding the Metro is quite an experience, and although it can be overwhelming to the uninitiated, it soon presents itself as one of the most efficient ways to get around the city.

When I am riding the Metro, I am usually trying to consciously feel my wallet, as pick-pocketing is commonplace in the crowded subway corridors and trains. Thankfully, we have never had anything lifted from a pocket, backpack, or purse.

I may need to concentrate on my wallet, but I can’t help but notice the sheer number of people around me. Mexico City’s Metro is an ideal place to remember just why God has directed us to this mega city in the first place. There are people everywhere. Young and old, executives and farmers, healthy and handicapped — people from all backgrounds.

And each one needs Jesus.

Please pray for the millions in Mexico City who do not yet know Christ in a real, personal way. Ask God to give us perseverance and God-perspective as we live and work in this enormous place.

Trip to Mexico City

We will be going to Mexico City in October to visit with friends, pray over our ministry plans, and to eat some of the great food that we’ve missed since we’ve been on furlough!

We had originally hoped to make it to the City during the summer, but our busy schedule wouldn’t permit, so we are glad to have carved out some time this fall to make the trip.

Please pray that our reunion with our Mexican friends would be sweet. Also ask for discernment, wisdom, and boldness as we pray over and consider ministry possibilities.

Saúl’s Fall

Saúl’s studies at Dallas Christian College are chugging along. He is enjoying all that he is learning and experiencing, although his heart is also eager to return to Mexico City. He is also working at Highland Meadows Christian Church, serving as an intern both in the missions department and in the Hispanic ministries department.

We are truly blessed to have a young man of such passion and wisdom join us as a Mexican partner in ministry.

Please pray for Saúl. Ask God to shape his plans and ideas for Mexico City. Ask God to bless his time at DCC and HMCC.


Our furlough here at Wheaton College continues to prove to be a great blessing. The courses that Luke is taking are terrific and many benefits for Mexico City are already apparent. Spiritual Conflict, Contextualization of the Gospel, and Intercultural Communication are some of his favorite classes.

Please pray for continued blessing over us during our time at Wheaton College. Join us in Praising God for this opportunity.

Pipeline Explosions

The “Popular Revolutionary Army,” (EPR) has claimed responsibility for more than six separate pipeline blasts that have caused hundreds of millions of dollars of damage, disrupted oil supply, and temporarily displaced more than 20,000 people.

The rebel group says that the explosions will continue until the release two EPR prisoners that it claims the government is holding illegally.

Please pray for a peaceful and rapid conclusion to this rebel action. Pray for the people who have been injured, and praise God that no one has yet been killed.

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