First Quarter ’08 Update

February 4, 2008

One Thousand Prayers

Millions of Lights

By Luke

Lindsay and I have been blessed from the beginning with people like you–people who read these newsletters, people who give to us, and most of all, people who pray for this ministry. There are people literally all over the world who are praying for us, in Japan, in Thailand, in Chile, in North Africa, in Costa Rica, and of course, in the United States. Our lives and ministry are more fruitful because of God’s faithful response to your prayers.

For this reason, this year we are launching an effort to secure one thousand committed pray-ers for Mission Mexico City.

This summer, we will be returning to Mexico City to begin the ground work on the new church plant. The possibilities, and challenges, are great. That is why we are redoubling our efforts to involve as many as possible in regular intentional prayer for us, for the church plant, for Saúl, and for other Christian leaders in Mexico City.

Please consider committing to regular, consistent prayer for this ministry. Here are some ideas of how you can be one of the 1000:

Share our newsletter with others– your Sunday School class or Bible study group, your family, or your praying friends.
Sign-up for email updates on our website. We send out updates and prayer requests monthly.
Start a prayer group on our behalf that meets monthly or weekly.
Read and pray the Psalms on our behalf.

If you want to be one of the thousand praying people for Mission Mexico City, email me at, or sign up by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

Please pray that God would continue to provide us with people who are dedicated to lifting us up in prayer on a regular basis. Pray for us as we prepare to reenter the field this summer.

Our Visit to Mexico City

In our last newsletter, we mentioned that we would briefly interrupt our current furlough to make a visit to Mexico City.

The visit was wonderful. We were able to visit some good friends, see our neighbors, attend a local church service, pray with some people, and do some business.

It was also great for our four-year-old, Bella, to see the City again after a few months to refresh her memory and prepare her for reentry into the field this summer.

Please pray for our beloved friends in Mexico City. Pray especially for Tavo, Sara, Toño, Má-le, Ray, and Vío.


Many of you have been steadfastly praying for our future teammates. Although the process of team recruitment has gone differently than we expected, we are happy to know that we have been given a great partner in Saúl, and there are two other Mexican families who are also interested in joining us. This may well be God’s answer to our prayer about planting a truly indigenous church!

Please thank God for the interest in this project that our Mexican colleagues have displayed. Pray for fruitful partnership with them.

2008 Budget

Thankfully, we have sufficient support income for the first half of 2008. However, beginning in August, we need to supplement our current support by an additional 15% for ministry expenses.

Join us in praising God for his steadfast faithfulness in providing our every need. Please ask God to continue to bless this ministry’s finances.

Saúl’s Studies and Family

Saúl Flores, our Mexican partner, is studying at Dallas Christian College, preparing to return to Mexico City to aid in the church plant. Although much of Saúl’s schooling is already covered from his work and scholarships, he still needs some additional help. Dallas Christian College has provided an easy way for donors to help provide for Saúl’s scholarship fund. For more, simply call Mark Worley at Dallas Christian College: 800-688-1029.

Please continue to pray for Saúl as he studies at DCC. Ask God to gift him with humility and wisdom.

Saúl was able to visit his family this Christmas, which was a special blessing because his father has recently been diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully, thus far he has responded well to treatments.

Please pray for Saúl’s dad, Noé, as he has recently been diagnosed with cancer.

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