Third Quarter ’08 Update

August 23, 2008

Bienvenidos a la Ciudad de Mexico

Over the highway when entering Mexico City

By Luke

Our return to Mexico City has arrived! We are now back in the Big City, in our apartment, hugging our friends, enjoying homemade Mexican food, brushing up on our Spanish, and praising God for our return.

The sensation of being here is strange. In some ways, our year-and-a-half away feels like it was an eternity, such as when we think of all that has happened over these past 18 months. On the other hand, when talking and joking with our neighbors, it seems as though we have only been away for a few weeks.

I was very blessed with a safe and eventless border crossing and cross-country travel. And Lindsay and the girls had an equally blessed time traveling by air. We want to thank you all again for your prayers over us as we travelled; they made all the difference.

One of the most frequent questions that we received in the days and weeks leading up to our departure was, “So what are the very first things that you’ll be doing after you arrive?”

Apart from the basic unpacking and other tedium that come with any move, the first thing we will be involved with is a two-week language refresher course. We think that this will be an ideal program for people like us, who have learned the language, but have been away from it for awhile. When language school is finished, we will finish setting up home and office, and begin on several other details, the first of which will be completing the first stage of obtaining a missionary visa.

Please pray for us as we work on visas, moving, and language classes. The church planting mission depends on all of these preliminary details!

Nuts and Bolts

What we do
Now that we are back in Mexico City, we want to share (or re-share) the nuts and bolts of our mission so that you can be actively praying for us. Here’s a snapshot of what we’re doing in Mexico City.

Our ultimate hope for Mexico City is to see it no longer be a mission field at all. All of our church planting efforts are aimed squarely at local empowerment so that Mexico’s churches might become more and more vibrant, mature, and strong, and be able to carry out their ministries with local leadership and resources.

We are engaged in indigenous church planting in three ways:

Relationship evangelism
In our south central Mexico City neighborhood, we are actively engaged in relationship evangelism with our neighbors and friends. These friendships form the basis for home groups and Bible studies. Our long-term goal in this area is that these small groups would mature into a new church.

Leadership development
We regularly meet with local indigenous church planters and pastors in other neighborhoods to pray, brainstorm, and mentor. In this way, our church planting efforts extend beyond our neighborhood and into other neighborhoods. Our long-term goals in this area are to empower local church leadership and responsibility, and to educate ourselves about the challenges facing local ministers.

Research and documentation
Finally, our indigenous church planting strategy also includes recording “best practice” cases of local ministries and churches. Our long-term goal in this area is to publish a report for mission agencies and churches to read, so that further mission undertakings can be best informed about indigenous ministry efforts in Mexico City.

Of course, each of these three church planting pieces are ultimately in God’s hands, so we depend on him in everything that we do.

Please pray for us as we begin our work toward church planting in Mexico City. Pray that all of our efforts would be God-inspired and that we would have the discernment to hear and the courage to follow.

Did you know?

Mexico City covers an area of 580 square miles and has an average population density of 40,000 people per square mile
(Source: Four Seasons)

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