Fourth 08 Quarter Update

October 6, 2008

Dia de Independencia

Gearing up for Dia de Independencia

By Luke

Many Americans mistakenly believe (as I did) that Cinco de Mayo is Mexico’s equivalent to the 4th of July. But Mexico’s Independence Day is actually September 16th. In the past, we have celebrated Mexico’s independence with some of our dear friends who live in the southern Mexico City barrio of Xochimilco. This year, we got to be with this family again.

Like all Mexican celebrations, there was plenty of food, including Lindsay’s favorite, homemade fried chicken tacos. After eating, we did something that we have yet to do since we moved to Mexico nearly seven years ago: we watched the Grito on television.

The Grito, or “yell,” is a tradition dating back to the priest-turned-revolutionary Miguel Hidalgo who, on September 16th 1810, rang a bell and cried out before crowds of farmers who were unhappy with Spain’s imperial rule. Hidalgo’s Grito marked the beginning of Mexico’s independence from Spain, much like the signing of the Declaration of Independence marked the U.S.’s independence from England.

Over the years, the Grito has become the central part of Mexico’s independence pageantry. Every year, Mexico City’s main square swells with hundreds of thousands of people waiting to see the Mexican president stand on the balcony of the National Palace and shout “Viva Mexico!” As he shouts, the peal of an enormous bell over the entrance of the palace resonates over the square, and the throngs of people offer up their own voices to the Grito.The event is simulcast to giant screens in city squares all over the country, and as one nation, Mexico celebrates her independence. It is an extraordinary occasion.

As missionaries, we love being a part of cultural centerpieces like the Dia de Independencia. It reminds us again of the beautiful burden that God has put on our hearts for this people. We hope for a time when Mexico, as one nation, will worship the one true king, Jesus.

Please pray that God continues to advance the growing movement of people coming to know Him here in Mexico. Pray that we would be completely given to what He asks of us.

Neighborhood Prayer Walks

Those of you who receive our prayer emails know that we have spent the last few weeks walking street-by-street through our neighborhood, asking God to prepare the way for us in starting a church here. We have now covered virtually every street in the neighborhood, and it has been a great opportunity to pray for the people, businesses, and homes that we’ve passed. Also, seeing the neighborhood and its people has been a great learning experience!

Please pray for our neighborhood. Ask God to lead us to people here that are ready to hear His word, and ask Him to send more workers! (Lk 10:1-3)

Upcoming 2009 Budget

Since we began living and working as missionaries, God has been incredibly faithful in providing us with the resources that we require.

Due to the dollar’s weakening value, Bella beginning school, higher rent prices, and most of all, the expenses of beginning a church, our budget planning for 2009 has shown that we will need to gather substantially more support by the beginning to middle of next year. (As always, all of our budgeting is done in conjunction with other mission leaders, and with the approval of GMF.)

Please pray for us as we open dialogues with new church mission committees and other supporters. Also, join us in thanking God for always providing!

Family Update

Bella just started kindergarten! Every morning Lindsay does reading, writing, math, and art lessons with her, and she’s really enjoying her time with “Mrs. Greer!”

Please pray for Bella (and for Lindsay) as she home-schools to prepare for 1st grade!

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