Mission Mexico City joins IMPACTO Latino

December 9, 2008

Welcome to the Team

Overlooking downtown Pachuca

By Luke
For all of you who have been following our email prayer updates, you know that we have been praying over the past couple of months about becoming team members with Impacto Latino, a church planting organization here in the Mexico City Valley. All of you also know that Lindsay and I have been praying for a long time about teammates, as we know the work of a new church plant is too great for just one couple. And now, we are pleased, blessed, and excited to announce that God has provided us with a wonderful team!

When we first met Eric and Dee Duggins a few years ago at a missionary reunion in Mexico, we were immediately impressed with the church planting that they and their team were doing. As a matter of fact, Lindsay and I so liked what we saw, that we began researching church planting models like theirs in preparation for the new work we felt God calling us to.

Now Eric and Dee and their team are beginning a new church plant in an area just north of Mexico City called Pachuca. We began talking with them about coaching us through our church plant on Mexico City’s south side, and as our conversations progressed, it became apparent that God was opening the door for something more. Rather than us beginning on on our own in the south, and Eric and Dee beginning in the north, with both groups looking for additional team members, why not join forces?

After prayer, fasting, and seeking counsel, Lindsay and I felt that joining up with the Duggins and Impacto Latino was indeed a door being opened, not by us, but by God. It is his unexpected team gift to us.
We are so happy to officially introduce you to our new teammates: Eric and Dee Duggins, Holly and Sergio Alvarado, and the local ministry workers, Jorge and Juanita Del Angel.

Join us in praising God for a new team! Pray that our relationship with Eric and Dee, Holly and Sergio, Jorge and Juanita, and the new church plant would be positive and fruitful.

About Impacto Latino

About 10 years ago, the Impacto Latino team planted a church in Pachuca (a community to the north of Mexico City) called “New Hope.” Today, that church is completely nationalized. It is guided by Mexican elders and a Mexican pastor, and it is financed 100% by the tithes and offerings of the church. Moreover, more than 80% of the church are new Christians, and the congregation is growing more each year, with more than 400 gathering together each week.

The New Hope Church is testimony to the wonderful things that God is doing in Pachuca. The new church plant, which we are part of, is called “Jubilee.” Although the Jubilee Church plant is still young, it is already experiencing good growth and health.

Please pray for the new Jubilee Church. Pray that God would raise up local leaders and that the church would continue to reach out into the Pachuca community.

Eric and Dee Duggins began missionary service nearly 30 years ago in Indonesia, and have been in Mexico’s central cities for the past 25. We first met them a few years ago at a missionary get-together here in Mexico, and we hit it off right away. They both bring a ton of experience to the team, are outstanding leaders, and well, we just like them. 

Sergio and Holly Alvarado are both graduates of Kentucky Christian College and have been with the team in Pachuca for about a year. We’re excited to work with a young couple who also has small children. Holly and Sergio have two girls, ages 6 months and 20 months. 

Finally, our team works closely with Jorge and Juanita Del Angel, locals who serve as leaders in the church plant. After working for Nissan Mexico for many years, Jorge decided that he would retire from the auto business and work in the church.  He and Juanita have been working alongside the Duggins for a couple of years now. 

Please pray that God would bless us as we transition into life on this great team. Ask him to give us good friendships, good communication, and a continued shared vision for Pachuca and the rest of the Mexico City Valley. 

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